Build your business on data

Before you start automating your business. Make sure the basics are right.

Automating your business is only useful when the rest of your online business is build on a strong foundation. A big part of that is knowing your market. 

Keyword analysis

It’s very useful to know what keywords your competitor is using to advertise on, but also to know on what keywords they appear in Google organically.

It gives you a clear image what potential customers in your market are looking for. Use It to compete and do the same, but then even better. 

Traffic analysis

How much traffic do your competitors have on their website? And from what source is the traffic coming? How  much time do they spent there? And how many pages do they look at?

Ideal to check if your competitors already have a big market share in terms of traffic, or If they are still in building up phase.

Competition mapping

You probably have more competitors than you think. Competition mapping gives you a clear picture of what competitors are currently active in your market on specific keywords people are looking at.

Who is ranking well on popular search phrases In Google? 

Backlink analysis

From what sources / websites does your competitor(s) receive their traffic?

This is very useful to know, since it shows an interesting market to explore of websites that could deliver relevant traffic to your website as well. 

$ Spent analysis

How much money are your competitors spending on advertising right now? We can give you a monthly overview. Are they increasing their budgets?

Lowering their budget? Pick your moments to outspend them. Or, just to know how big of a budget you should reserve if you want to competeon advertisement spent.   

Ad copy analysis

Copy is extremely important when advertising on Google. March the right copt with what your potential customers are looking for. 

This analysis gives you insights in the copy that your competitors are using. Learn from it, and do it even better yourself. Or, pitch a completely oppositie copy that makes you stand out.   

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Koen proved to be a valuable contact at the client’s end. His extensive knowledge of online marketing and broad understanding of common digital techniques made project communication easy, which greatly sped up the production process, and made for an optimal end result. – Rutger de Hamer, General Director I AM College

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He was also good on the team, professional enough to visit our customers independently and proactively in his work. All in all; very nice cooperation and that is why I heartily recommend Koen! – Peter Steffers, Sales Expert I AM College. 

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