Core Expertise 

From web2 to web3

The internet is transitioning from web2 to web3. From something that we more or less know how it works, to something that is completely new in all its forms. Our learning journey is our core expertise.  On the following topics


A good online marketing strategy starts with making choices. Be consistent in what you do. Make a choice, experiment and improve. 

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

Advertise on Google to get top positions instantly. Wether its shopping ads, display ads or search ads with relevant keywords. 

Social Advertising

Advertise on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat or any other social platform. Including re-targeting. 

Competitor Analysis

What your competitors are doing is important to know. We compile a report for you that give clear insights, so you can position yourself best.

Marketing Automation

Automate within your digital marketing what can be automated to gain time. We build a completely automated  funnel on autopilot for you. 

E-mail marketing

E-mail can be a great way to use in your relationship funnel, and can be easily automated. Send automated e-mails based on the content people where looking at on your website, and more. 

I work with external specialists

‘Online’ is diversified. THE online marketeer does not exists.  I work together with developers, Data specialists, Analytics experts and more. If specialised knowledge is needed, I ask my network to step in.

“Knowledge, thrustworthy and fast communucaton”

We have a great working relation. Koen has knowledge, he is trustworthy and fast in answering our questions. 

“his extensive knowledge made for an optimal end result”

Koen proved to be a valuable contact at the client’s end. His extensive knowledge of online marketing and broad understanding of common digital techniques made project communication easy, which greatly sped up the production process, and made for an optimal end result

“Reliable, flexible and competent”

I worked with Koen for a few months. We were looking for extra capacity in our team and found it with Koen. It was a perfect match from the start. He is reliable, flexible and competent. As a result, we were able to put him to work independently, without any worries, knowing we would be fine.

He was also good on the team, professional enough to visit our customers independently and proactively in his work. All in all; very nice cooperation and that is why I heartily recommend Koen!

10+ Years experience as a freelancer before starting Nekoh Digital

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