Automate your business based on your own collected data

Personalize and time

We arrived in a world where personalization and timing of our messaging is essential in building our own communities around our business.


Automate and organize

Sending automatic e-mails, organize your data, visualize and analyse consumer behaviour, delegate tasks to colleagues but essential: personalize and time your messaging to your leads and community.

Privacy and data

Third party data and data extracted from third party platforms and advertising platforms will be phased out. Essential is to collect your own data. Based on engagement on your own platforms.

Organize your data  


A durable, sustainable business creates real contact moments to build up a relationship and organizes its own data, collected on your own platform.

I work closely with ActiveCampaign, but have knowledge on several marketing automation and CDP platforms.  

Visual marketing automation builder

Easy drag and drop builder. Take some time to learn it, and you can do it yourself. 

Personalize content & mails

Work with tags (labels), and based on tags and conditional content you can personalise every message. 

Kanban style funnels

Great overview within a kanban (Trello) style overview. You see exactly where in the funnel your leads are. 

CRM functionality

Manage your contacts, email them, assign tasks, create calendar reminders, add deals and companies to  contacts. 

E-mail campaigns

Regular e-mail campaigns are easy with templates and easy builder. Automate anything you want if needed.  

Lead Scoring

Assign scores based on engagement. So, you can put energy on those leads that are most valuable.  


Almost any tool can be attached to ActiveCampaign. Either through Zapier or directly.  

Conditional content (Personalisation)

Send 1 e-mail campaign, but with different content based on a contact’s profile and tags. So, super personal e-mails. 

Analytics & Reports

Make reports about all your data. Deals data, contact data, sales data or almost any other data within the software.

Some Features of any marketing automation tool

Easy drag and drop builder.

Either you want to outsource your marketing automation, or you want to do it yourself. In both cases, you want advanced functionality but with an easy interface.

A drag and drop builder makes it super easy. It’s really, what you see, what you get. 

Segment anything to personalise communication

Mass e-mailing is a waste of time. Every contact is unique. Has unique preferences, and unique needs. Why send everybody the same e-mail? 

Sending e-mails based on previous behaviour is easy, and personalising your e-mail content even easier.


Ad scores to your most engaged leads to create focus

No matter how big of a company you have. If you are a freelancer, small sized business or have multiple offices. You want to focus your own time on those leads that are most engaged. 

With lead scoring you have full control to five a scoring to certain behaviour. So, you can identify contacts easily that are sales ready. 




Integrate with your own tools.


ActiveCampaign, the marketing automation software I work with, is the centre of your marketing ecosystem. But, you probably use way more other tools out there. No worries. You can connect almost anything to ActiveCampaign. 

To name a view: Zapier, Facebook, Linkedin, WooCommerce, Shopify, Calendly, Unbounce, Leadpages, Zendesk, Shopify. You name it, and we can connect it. 




Build-in CRM

Most of the time, you just use half of what your CRM can do. The build-in CRM in this package, keeps it to the point.

Build Trello/Kanban style funnels, send e-mails, create deals, add contacts to accounts (companies), add deals to contacts, add notes, add tasks, and track everything within 1 activity stream on the right. 

Founder Nekoh Digital

I, Koen Machielse (left), am the founder of Nekoh Digital. I have 10+ years experience as freelancer working for corporates, start-ups, non-profits, solopreneurs and digital agencies.

“Knowledge, thrustworthy and fast communucaton”

We have a great working relation. Koen has knowledge, he is trustworthy and fast in answering our questions. – Iris Schut, Wij Zijn Deel. 

“his extensive knowledge made for an optimal end result”

Koen proved to be a valuable contact at the client’s end. His extensive knowledge of online marketing and broad understanding of common digital techniques made project communication easy, which greatly sped up the production process, and made for an optimal end result. – Rutger de Hamer, General Director I AM College

“Reliable, flexible and competent”

I worked with Koen for a few months. We were looking for extra capacity in our team and found it with Koen. It was a perfect match from the start. He is reliable, flexible and competent. As a result, we were able to put him to work independently, without any worries, knowing we would be fine.

He was also good on the team, professional enough to visit our customers independently and proactively in his work. All in all; very nice cooperation and that is why I heartily recommend Koen! – Peter Steffers, Sales Expert I AM College. 

10+ Years experience as a freelancer before starting Nekoh Digital

Worked with